Utien Pack Co., Ltd. Utien Pack Co,. Ltd. Known as Utien Pack is a technical enterprise aiming at developing highly automated packaging line. Our current core products cover multiple products over different industries such as food, chemistry, electronic, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. Utien Pack is founded in 1994 and becoming a well-known brand through 20 years’ development. We've participated in the draft of 4 national standards of packing machine. In adddition, we've achived over 20 patent technologies.Our products are produced under ISO9001:2008 certification requirement. We build high quality packaging machines and make a better life for everyone using the safe packaging technology. We are offering solutions to make a better package and a better future.
Manufacturing Ability Utien have developed general manufacturing ability include CNC mold making, laser cutting, automatic metal plate folding and so on. With our own hand, we can control the quality of the machine we make.
Our Team Our engineering team provides professional service of packages and machines. We can customize to meet the customers' request of function, appearance, size and production ability.
Our Customers Utien provide packaging solution for customers from various kind of industries such as food, chemical products, cosmetics, metal parts and electrical products. We have gained over 20 years experience in developing advance packaging systems.
Certificates Utien Pack is one of the companies which are invited to draft the national standard of automatic vacuum packaging machine and so on. Our machine also is built under the ISO9001 standard and approved with CE certification.
Zhejiang ICP prepared No.12029062
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