This machine is a large chamber vacuum packing machine. It is suitable for electronic products, chemical products, food, seafish and so on.
    The double chambers vacuum packaging machine is built for meat, sauce, flavouring, dry fruits, bean products, solid particle packaging. The vacuum packaging can prevent the products from corrupting and wet to prolong the shelf life.
    UTIEN YS- type compression packaging machine has a unique dual-position design, with two cylinders working at the same time during the pressing operation. It allows a tidy and good appearance and can reduce packaging space and volume without changing the product appearance, besides it can protect the products from dampness and dust and reduce storage and transport cost. This packing machine is applicable for compressed packaging of feather quilts and garments, spaceship cotton, pillows, mattress, garments, sponge and other puffy products and is the best packaging equipment of the textile trade and export sectors.
    Table type vacuum packing machineis easy to use and small in size which can be easily stored and moved. The seamless seal created by this machine can make a good protection for the product inside.
    Desktop vacuum packaging machine is suitable for various kind of product which is easy to operate and maintain.
    This DZ(Q)-600L is our basic model of vertical external vacuum packing machine. It is mainly used to pack bag package with heavy and large volume products including food, medicine, chemical material or rare earth metal. The height of working part is able to adjust according to different product.
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