Semi-auto Tray Sealer of MAP & VSP
Semi-auto tray sealer is featured with two different types of package. MAP and vacuum skin pack. It’s compact of low consumption. As it’s flexible to move anywhere you want, it’s much favored by retailers and small food manufacturers. The machine is excellent for medium capacity packaging.

Features - 2-3 times/min sealing speed. - Attractive package with top VSP(UniFresh ®) technology. - With top Busch vacuum, we can make residual oxygen lower than 1%. - Applied to trays of various shapes and sizes. - Anodized aluminum mold with drawer-type design.

APPLICATION It's perfect for the package of fresh,refrigerated and frozen food,ncluding meat, poultry,seafood,sausages,bacons and prepared fast food.According to different products,we're capable to offer you tailor-made packaging proposals.
Structure Schematic
Thermoforming Technology Advanced thermoforming technology can increase packaging production speed and package quality. It use compressed air and vacuum to help heated film form into different shapes. The bottom mold is totally customizable.
Larger Chambers Vacuum Packer Large chamber vacuum packaging machines can prevent oxygen and getting damp from products, greatly extending freshness, flavor and shelf life. It can vacuum seal most plastic and plastic-aluminum laminated bags. The large chamber design can pack large products such as large fish and meat.SEE MORE PACKAGE PHOTOS
Control System PLC touch screen make the operation easy and safe. The system is simple to learn and easy to use. The machine also have easy mold changing design which makes the mold changing fast and easy.
Bottom mould Full aluminium mould with anodized surface makes it more durable and antioxidative.Much easier to place and take out the trays with the auto ejecting system at the bottome.
Hygiene The machine is made of 304 stainless steel for quick clean.Electric control box with electric,pneumatic control and other key components is sealed and waterproof for convenient clean.
Our Services Warrenty 1.Whole machine have one(1)year warrenty exclude wearable parts such as silicone plate,film,heating element and so on. 2.Special oversea engineering service is not included in the warrenty. 3.Other ietms or service require can be negotiated. Informationg 1.We offer information about package and machinery before make special offer. 2.We have multiple after-sale service include online guiding,engineering service, install & tuning service and so on. Design 1.We can provide package design service with the request of the customer. 2.We can customize machine function,appearance and special request within reasonable range. 3.We can make certain design design of package under request.
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