Package Utien Pack provide professional packaging service including package design and package test. See more ideas about packages, please click button below. More Packages
Design Using latest package design and close to customers' need and using experience. We also accept third-party package design.
Test We offer detailed package shelf-life test and atmosphere test. We can provide professional package test in machine life-time to ensure the quality of package.
Train After equipment shipped, we will offer basic operation, maintain and repair training for the technical personel from customer's company.
Modification We can offer machine modification job for further more function or small change on the machine. We can also obligate signal dock on the new machine for future need of more function.
After-sale Services
Spare Parts Utien provide all components and spare parts if customer needs.
Installation Utien will send engineer to customer and help install and set up the machine for the first time running.
Repair We provide 24 hour online guiding and oversea engineer repairing.
Sample Service We are able to provide limited kinds of package. If you need to see a sample package, please contact us and we will do our best to send you the sample.
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